Payments in a smartphone-like device

PAX’s A50 is a next generation Smart handheld MiniPOS specially designed for modern merchants looking for payment and value-added business solutions in a smartphone alike device.
Weighing only 163g, the A50 is the lightest, slimmest device in the PAX A-series family of mobile SmartPOS terminals. It has a stunning high definition 45-inch touch screen and dual cameras with LED flashlight to deliver beautiful viewing experiences and providing payment acceptance of all kinds.
Designed to reduce environmental footprint as well as stationery costs, the A50 does not come with an inbuilt printer, but can send receipts via email, message or be paired up a printer via the Bluetooth connectivity.
Supported by the PAXSTORE open software distribution platform, the A50 enables businesses to design value-added business solutions to refine customer experiences and business operations.